I Am All About Dat ‘Asstodon Twerk Team’ Hype!!!

Just in case you haven’t heard yet Progressive Metal band ‘Mastodon’ have released a new music video for their song “The Motherload” off of their latest album ‘Once More Round The Sun.’ It features a serious gritty thematic element that gets interrupted by various females showin’ what their mommas gave ‘em! (I’m sure that must’ve been a great day of filming XD) I think they might be one of the first metal bands to have a whole twerk-off in one their music video as well. Mastodon’s just always breaking boundaries!

Obviously this whole thing is a parody of how most modern day music videos are now nothing more than a display of who can portray women sexier than one another. (I don’t even have to name examples cause I’m sure you can think of at least 5 off the top of your head.) But a lot of people somehow aren’t really getting it lol.

Well all that aside I personally think Mastodon did a great job with this & if you can’t fully grasp the satirical theme or just have a bug up your butt about this sort of stuff; I suggest you try turn off your brain for a few minutes & just mindlessly indulge in the ass-fest they ever-so-graciously prepared for you. I’m sure you can find some form of joy in life that way as well :P